10 Part-time and Second Job Opportunities that Are Work-from-home

Even if they have a full-time position, some job seekers are on the hunt for second, part-time roles to earn a little extra money. Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or want a little boost in your income, these work-from-home job opportunities offer flexibility and have the potential to provide significant second paychecks.

Customer Service Representative

Just about every big corporation needs customer service reps to take calls, chat online, and respond to emails from customers. The hours can almost always be tailored to your availability, no matter if you have a few hours in the mornings or evenings or are free and willing to work on weekends.

Pet Sitter

Watching pets in your own home is a great gig for folks who love animals, even if they don’t have a consistent schedule that allows them to have one of their own. Plus, no matter which days of the week you’re free, there’s almost always a pet parent looking for someone to care for their furry friend.

Online Tutor

Whether you’re a whiz in a variety of topics or particularly knowledgeable in a single one, you can put your skills to use without leaving the house. Students of all ages are looking for tutors who can help them excel in just about any subject you can think of, from history to cooking to playing an instrument.

English Language Teacher

Contrary to what many believe, you don’t necessarily have to be multilingual to teach English as a second language (ESL). There are many opportunities to help foreign-language speakers brush up on their skills. Because many of them live in other countries, you can still work this gig if you’re only available at odd hours, like late at night or early in the morning.


Companies both big and small almost always need writers and editors. As long as you can meet your deadlines, they don’t care when you work, which provides you with complete flexibility. You can even knock out assignments during your lunch break at your first job!


Businesses that share video and audio files on their websites want them transcribed for their customers who are deaf or hard of hearing. With this role, you’ll simply listen and type what you hear. Many people love this side job because it also allows them to learn something new or hear a unique human interest story, depending on the gig.

Sales Representative

If you’re a natural-born salesperson, you can earn a side income working for a company or even for yourself. Signing on with a large corporation usually earns you leads that helps you pull in income, but those who are entrepreneurial-minded can thrive with companies that allow them to sell ready-made products and earn commission on them.

Room Host

If you’re a homeowner with an extra room to spare, you can rent it out on sites like Airbnb as a (nearly) hassle-free way to earn some extra money. Since you also occupy the home, you don’t have to hire a property management group or cleaning company the way people who rent out vacation homes do. Keep in mind that if you’re a renter, you may be in violation of your lease by renting out even part of your space, so use caution.

Website Tester

Since many of us spend our free time surfing the web, why not get paid for it? Companies will pay you to review their sites based on factors like how quickly they load, how easy they are to navigate, and their overall design.


You can operate a store entirely online from home — without holding a single piece of inventory. Sites like Shopify allow you to set up a store, pick out your favorite products, and earn a commission on each item you sell, which are shipped directly to your customers from a third party.

Having the ability to work from home is a huge perk for anyone hoping to score a part-time second job. The opportunities we’ve listed make it easy to earn more income at the hours that are convenient to you — and they just may lead to your next full-time role.