how and where to find work from home jobs

Resource Guide: Finding Remote Work Opportunities

If you've recently found yourself without a job, whether due to layoffs, the coronavirus pandemic, an economic downturn, or any other reason, you are 100% not alone. Millions of Americans are currently facing unemployment, many for the first time in their professional lives. Something positive that has come out of this global event, however, is that employees and employers alike have embraced the idea of remote work. Here are some resources to help you prepare yourself for the challenge as well as information on where to find remote opportunities and which skills are most in-demand.

Get Yourself Ready First

Before you break out of your comfort zone and start applying for remote employment positions, it’s a good idea to get your home and yourself ready for the challenge.

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Job Sites That Cater To A Remote Workforce

As recently as February 2020, there were just less than 5 million work-from-home jobs available in the United States. That number has skyrocketed since, and even many traditional roles will likely transition away from the office in the coming months. Here is where to find them.

Virtual Vocations


Skip The Drive

Github Jobs


Skills That You Can Capitalize On

There are some jobs that have to be done in person. But there are a surprising number of skills and job experiences that don’t require a brick-and-mortar location.

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As you can see, finding remote work is not as challenging as it was just a few years ago. And as more and more employers realize the benefits of providing their employees an income opportunity sans the commute, there are only going to be additional jobs open up. So whether you are pursuing freelance gigs to supplement your family’s income or are ready to go remote full time, you can do it, and the information above can help.

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