Resource Roundup: The Ultimate Guide to Hardware and Software You'll Need When Working From Home

Photo by Unsplash

Working from home for a bit longer than you originally thought? If you’ve been putting off setting up a home office, you are probably finding your productivity lagging. You may not feel comfortable in your home work space or not have everything you need to be your best work self. Here’s a list of nine different kinds of hardware and software you need for your home office.


Ergonomic Desk Chair: Working from home means you might be spending more time in your desk chair, so be sure to get one that helps you stay upright and comfortable.

Standing Desk: Boost your mood and energy, as well as reduce the tightness and tension in your upper body with a standing desk.

Natural Light Desk Lamp: No windows in your home office? This desk lamp can improve mood, enhance productivity, and increase focus and concentration.


Monitor: The right monitor can save precious desk space and help you see your work on the screen clearly.

Printer and Scanner: A good home office printer/scanner combo is compact and wireless.

Headphones: If you are taking more conference calls and video chats, you’ll need a reliable headset so you can focus on the conversation without any distractions.


Video Conferencing: Chances are working from home means conferencing more, and you’ll need software to get it done right. 

Time Management: Keep your projects organized and stay on top of your big-picture assignments and daily tasks with a web-based project management tool.

File Sharing: Edit, review and share files securely with coworkers via the cloud.

Working from home may be an adjustment, but once you get there, it can actually prove to be more productive than going into the office. Make sure your home office isn’t a roadblock, but instead sets you up for success.