how to get started and stay successful as a freelancer

Resources For Freelancers: How to Get Started, And Stay Successful

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how to get started and stay successful as a freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is a huge step, and is often the first of many for fledgling entrepreneurs. It’s frightening when you’ve never walked the path before. However, many others have, and there is a ton of information available online to help you find customers, establish yourself, and enjoy the success you’ve worked so hard for.

Here are 15 resources to help you get started:

Finding Work

Before you can truly call yourself a freelancer, you have to get that first client. From online job boards to networking and setting rates that make sense, the following links can help you lay a solid foundation for your freelancing future.

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Productive Ways To Keep Your Clients Happy

A few clients in, and you’ll start to get the hang of it. But as you grow, so too must your methodologies. Here are some ways to keep yourself on track as your customer roster expands.

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Keeping It Together

When you work for yourself, you will soon find that there are many mistakes to make, but even more ways to perpetuate success. Information on creating a website, finding a graphic designer, and promoting your fledgling business below.

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Building a Business Website

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As a freelance entrepreneur, your success – and failures – are completely up to you. And while no two individuals will have the same journey, the links above are helpful to just about everyone that’s chosen to step out of the mainstream and into the world of self-employment.