The Right Gig for You: Advice for People in Recovery Who Need to Work from Home

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If you’re in addiction recovery, you may not be able to report to your regular job on a daily basis. It puts you in direct contact with temptations and stressors that may lead you into negative behaviors. It may seem like you have no choice but to suffer the effects of income loss and unemployment if you’re going to have a successful recovery. But thanks to the internet and the flexibility of the gig economy, there are many ways to make an income while you’re following your recovery regimen. If you have a web connection, some creativity, and plenty of initiative, the gig economy has something for you.

Product Reviews

If you have a Twitter account and plenty of followers, you have the basis of a home business. You can get paid for tweeting about products and services you enjoy. Or, you can take a more conventional approach and get paid for taking surveys online by offering your opinions about various products or getting paid for testing websites for functionality, indicating which are the best and easiest to use. 


Websites require an enormous amount of content, and there’s a great need for freelancers to produce articles on a wide range of subjects. There’s also a high demand for blog posts, many of which pay quite well (some as high as $100 or more per post). You can even make good money writing letters to members of Congress on a variety of issues for lobbyists and interest groups. This is a good opportunity for someone who feels strongly about certain issues to make money while helping to advance your interests. Simply research an issue that’s important to you, decide whether you want to pursue it, and go from there.

Virtual Salesmanship

Many people do quite well selling items on sites such as Craigslist and eBay. Think of it as an ongoing, virtual rummage sale. You can sell old objects you don’t need anymore without having to order inventory or invite strangers onto your property. 

Think Outside the Box

Your condition might call for a job that allows you to work without a lot of intense interaction. If you have a creative background, there are a number of solitary job opportunities available via the internet. Website design is a popular side gig these days, a way for those with some experience in the field to make a decent salary as a freelance designer. Some web-based opportunities aren’t lucrative, but provide a steady income. For example, you can sign up to be a “mock juror,” reviewing the evidence from a case and delivering an opinion as a way of helping attorneys get ready for cases. 

Name It

You’ll need to create an identity for your home-based business. Selecting a memorable name is one of the best ways. It’s an important part of branding your business and making it easy for people to find you. That said, coming up with a meaningful and memorable name isn’t an easy task. If you get stuck, consider using a business name generator tool, which will offer plenty of naming options and make the difficult task much simpler.

If you have a specific skill or interest, there’s a good chance you can take advantage of it and make money at home. It can be a great benefit if you’re in addiction recovery and can’t report to an office, restaurant, or other physical job location. You might even find you like the gig economy enough to commit to it full time.