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How to Set Up a Disability-friendly Home Office

Working from home offers a lot of advantages to individuals living with physical or mental disabilities. It removes the need to commute to and from the office each day, which can be physically demanding and emotionally draining. Plus, it usually comes with more flexible hours, which is a huge benefit for those with health issues […]

Resource Guide: Finding Remote Work Opportunities

If you've recently found yourself without a job, whether due to layoffs, the coronavirus pandemic, an economic downturn, or any other reason, you are 100% not alone. Millions of Americans are currently facing unemployment, many for the first time in their professional lives. Something positive that has come out of this global event, however, is […]

How to Adapt Your Business to Survive in the COVID-19 Era

Small businesses are taking a huge hit in the Coronavirus global pandemic. Many of them have to become more agile about the way they do business, while others have switched gears entirely. Many are closed—hopefully temporarily—as the crisis unfolds. Small businesses have to adapt to the new normal. No matter how long we’ll face COVID-19—from […]